Why Your Teeth Can Be Your Best Asset

When you first meet a stranger, the first thing that you notice aside from his eyes is his smile. The smile is a very powerful tool that sends a message to other people about your feelings, your thoughts and your personality. With your smile, people can actually see how genuine you are. That simple gesture can send a lot of different meaning to other people even before you start to speak.

Many people would take the power of smile for granted. They never realized that a smile can bring warmth to other people’s soul, and can show a person’s charm in the most natural way. In fact, people describe a person as attractive solely because of his smile. A person’s smile can be sexier than a six pack or a slim wait. Think about beautiful actors like Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts. They all have killer smiles!

People get more drawn to you because of your smile. Take Tom Cruise for example. In an industry dominated by taller actors, Mr Cruise, who stands only 5 feet 10 tall, is a stand out because of his good looks accentuated with his great smile. Jack Nicholson may not have an Adonis built but his grin is renowned in showbizness. And that wide smile is a trademark Julia Roberts charm.  These famous celebrities have the entire film industry and everyone talks about their smiles.

Maybe you don’t want to be a movie star so you think you have the license not to bother about your smile. But you are missing the point. In day-to-day activities, your smile is very important in representing who you are. It is very noticeable and the effect to you and other people is immediate. People may not notice right away the weight you lost after months of going to the gym or after following a strict diet. But they will surely notice your dazzling smile right away.

Aside from the physical appeal that the smile can do to you, smiling also has health benefits. When you smile, your muscles are stretched and exercised. This is the reason why most happy people look younger than their actual age because they don’t develop wrinkles easily. Smiling also releases happy hormones, which makes you feel and look better, both internally and externally.

If your smile is that important, you’d better take care of your teeth and practice the right oral hygiene. There is a dentist in Ontario that can help you have a better smile. Maybe now is the time to visit them.

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