About Us

We are an independent charity, set up to promote greater oral hygiene and dental health across the nation.

We have no agenda and do not favor any particular brand, company or product.

Our oral health blog was set up to promote better awareness of tooth and dental health.

We are a team of dentists, hygienists and dental nurses, all committed to raising oral health in the community.

We exist to try and promote information about tooth decay, oral health and mouth diseases.

Because we are well aware that not everyone has access to a dentist, or that dentistry may not be affordable for them, we run a weekly clinic offering free check-ups and referrals to the dental hospital for emergency treatment.

The best way that we have found of reaching as many people as possible, is via this blog and our Facebook discussion page.

Our dental professionals cannot offer a diagnosis via social media, but they can give hints and tips on how to maintain your oral health and help point you in the direction of dentists who are taking patients in your local area.

We also operate a free helpline, to offer advice over the phone to anyone who needs it. In the last two years, we have helped over 3000 patients access help who need it.

Our free clinics have also helped hundreds of people since they have been operating and we plan to increase the numbers of free surgeries in 2018.

Our blogs are updated every week and our active community pages help hundreds of people learn more about their oral health.